Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Dreams...

Well it appears that I only blog once every season, so here is my blog for the summer of 2010!! It is the start of July and the days are flying by too fast!!

Branden, Paige (our cousin) and Addison. Addison thinks
she is just as old as the other 2!!

Addison and Garrett they are our neighbors and she loves
playing with him!! That is his little sister riding in the back Ava!

She thinks he hung the moon...

Not sure if I think this is too sweet or
if I should be worried!! Nah, it is sweet!

Branden is 9!! Celebrated with swimming,
pie (not a cake fan) and gifts!! Denny and I
got Branden a laptop computer!!
Well as always I hope to get around to getting back on her before Christmas, but we will see!!

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Laurie said...

How cute! You are definitely a blogger slacker! :)