Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Dreams...

Well it appears that I only blog once every season, so here is my blog for the summer of 2010!! It is the start of July and the days are flying by too fast!!

Branden, Paige (our cousin) and Addison. Addison thinks
she is just as old as the other 2!!

Addison and Garrett they are our neighbors and she loves
playing with him!! That is his little sister riding in the back Ava!

She thinks he hung the moon...

Not sure if I think this is too sweet or
if I should be worried!! Nah, it is sweet!

Branden is 9!! Celebrated with swimming,
pie (not a cake fan) and gifts!! Denny and I
got Branden a laptop computer!!
Well as always I hope to get around to getting back on her before Christmas, but we will see!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh my how fast it goes...

Our dear Addison is two today!! I really can not believe how fast it has gone by. I look back and recall the days that she was this innocent bundle of joy who slept all day and only got upset if she needed changed or fed. Well except for the sleeping all day not much in that has changed!! I could never imagine the JOY that Addison would bring to Denny and I but she adds so much to our lives. We love our little girl and LOVE her more everyday!!

Here is a run down memory lane for me than anyone...

Addison 1 month

7 Months
I am ONE!!
16 Months

20 Months

2 Years OLD!!!

Loved every moment Baby!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ok We are going to try this again!!!

After taking a 5 month break from blogging, really I was not that busy, just never found the time or ability to write anything... I am going to try this again!! Here is a update on the Byrd Family!!

Denny- Denny is settled in quite nicely to working 1.5 jobs. It seems like years ago that he was working 3 jobs and we had to search for quality time to all be together. Denny is now working the day shift at Proscan. He is now a legit employee and getting benefits which is REAL nice to know that all of our family is taken care of if something was to happen. He is still on the Point 94.1 for all of his fans but modern technology allows him to be home at the same time. =>

ME!!- I am still a happy employee at EDS/HP. Still working in the BreastCare program and very excited to be here!! Our family has made a easy decision to join our friends at a new church start in the Ferndale area; FaithSpring will be our new home and we are so excited about all the blessings being back into church will bring to our family. With this decision I have prayed hard and decided to get back with working with the Youth program. I so enjoyed every moment and all that the youth of Highland Valley brought to my life and know that the youth of FaithSpring will do the same. I am so excited for the start of the children's activities to start this weekend!!!

Branden- That little boy that I remember from when I first started dating Denny is no longer little!! Branden is now 8 and is in his 3rd week of being in 3rd grade!! He is such a smart guy and only has issues with school when he gets bored. He is really enjoying his new teacher and all is classmates!! His favorite subject this week (yes it changes often) is Math I think he likes it because he finds it challenging. Speaking of a challenge Branden has started taking guitar lessons, and is LOVING it. We started off with an acoustic but after speaking to his instructor we have purchased a electric and Branden is taking off!! He is currently learning Amazing Grace and Sweet Home Alabama (great combo huh?) but doing really well on both!!

Addison Savannah- Our little baby girl is now 20 months old!!! I really can not grasp the fact she will be turning 2 before I blink my eyes. Addison is currently spending her days while mom and dad are working with her Aunt Roxie and cousin Leighton. We are so blessed to have a safe, fun option for her daily activities. Addison spends much of her day eating, watching her favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba and waiting on the return of one of her favorite people in the world and NOPE its not me... its Gunner!! Addison loves to annoy and play with her cousin Gunner but he is great with her!! She is getting really good at talking not that is surprising to anyone and hear her often just talking to herself or pooh. She is a sweetheart who can be a bit demanding but that is not a surprise either. We are currently showing some interest in potty training but have not found a schedule that works for her yet but that will come in time. I am really excited for Addison to start activities at FaithSpring to see her interact with kids her age that will be fun for all of us!!

Well this is a short version of our past couple of months, we hope to do better in blogging in the future!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lil Addison is not so little anymore!!

Well our little girl is growing up so fast. I can not believe everytime I look at her how much she has changed, she no longer looks like a little baby, and she has so much personality!! Here are a couple pictures of her taken this month.

Man I love this little one so much!!

Dallas bound!! Kiddo free weekend!

Well Denny and I finally took off for a weekend just the two of us. We decided to travel to Dallas to see Jimmy B, Denny is a huge parrot head and I am a huge Dallas fan!! We spent the weekend with Heath and Jeanne and had a blast with those guys. I really can not wait for them to be back in AR. As usual the show was awesome but I did not take my camera into the show. But here a couple shots from the pre game activities!! As you can see I appear to never get out from behind the camera!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We have returned!!

Well finally everyone in our house is sickness free!! It is about time!! The month of March was one of the longest months EVER!! But the month of April is looking great and we have started with a BANG!!

Denny finally decided on a car and we signed our life away Monday on a brand new 4 door Jeep. It is Red Pearl and really pretty! Denny would die to hear me say his Jeep is pretty but... it is!! Denny also started a new job on Monday he is now working at Proscan of AR, the best part of the new job is his work hours. He is now working one job, 10-7, Mon-Fri, no weekends, and no on call!! It is WONDERFUL!! He has been home every night this week and it has been such a blessing!!

Now for the funny story of the week. Yesterday my mother in law picked up Addison from school and noticed a big knot above her right eye. Addison's teacher said that Addison was playing with a toy and that one of her classmates (A BOY!!) attempted to take said toy away from my baby girl. Well lets just say Addison was not having that, she pulled the toy back from him and ended up hitting herself in the face!! The teacher had to write both of the kids up on incident reports so my child has been written up at school at the age of 15 months!! Well thanks to everyone who called, visited, or just sent up a prayer for us last month we are doing great now and hope to keep it up!!

Here is a quick pic I took of Addison this morning, as you can see she is not a morning person, she gets that honestly!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

RSV... what a mean little virus.

Well the Byrd family is finally seeing light at the end of a very long tunnel. Addison has been sick with what has been diagnosed several different ways for over 2 months. First she had just a cold, then they said it could be a respiratory infection, then when it was still around 3 weeks later they stated it was a bronchial infection and gave us a inhaler. Well last Sunday Addison was still extremely sick and was having to work really hard to breathe so I called and got her a appointment. My boss who is a nurse told me to be the "crazy mom" who ask for every test that they had and not to let them push us out with a guess at a diagnosis. Well as soon as the receptionist saw Addison breathing she had a nurse look at her and they pulled us back go to the exam room, don't pass go, don't collect $200.

Well the doctor came in told me what her plan of attack was that she was going to do a updraft treatment, send Addison for x-rays, take another treatment and at that time decide if we needed to go to the hospital. Well our x-rays came back with a small amount of fluid but the treatments were not getting Addison any relief so Dr Montgomery explained that Addison was going to need to go to the hospital. Well we checked in Monday evening around 5:00 and the first thing they did was give her a iv and tested her for RSV, by 7:00 the test results showed that YES she did have RSV. Well we spent days at the hospital which I can tell you is NO FUN!! But we now how our baby girl home and are slowly seeing improvements. Please keep our little sweety in your thoughts and prayers.